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Alan - Chef


In this video Alan and the Head Chef of the Dylan Hotel talk about the importance of qualifications when it comes to working as a chef.

Video Synopsis:

Alan is a graduate of Professional Cookery from the Tallaght Institute of Technology in Dublin. He has been passionate about food all his life.

“I left school and was working as a printer, and I was looking through the paper looking at jobs as a chef. I applied to the IT at Tallaght. My folks weren’t happy at the time, but when they found out what was on offer, they couldn’t really say no. Everything was there on a plate. You’re not just another number; they are going to teach you like an individual. The teachers come over and encourage you. You couldn’t put a price on it really. Through the course we ended up over in the Ramsey Scholar and everything, I was lucky enough to be chosen. I went over as a Tallaght Institute of Technology representative and all of a sudden in comes Gordon Ramsey. If two and a half years ago someone said you would be cooking for Ramsey, I would have said ‘yeh right’, but those are the opportunities you get. Then you go on a work placement to where they think you are suitable, they aren’t going to put you in over your head. In your summer holidays you are going off to work in these restaurants.” (Alan, Chef, Dylan Hotel)

Alan has been working full time in the Dylan Restaurant at the Dylan Hotel, a glamorous boutique hotel in Dublin city alongside Padraic Hayden, his head chef and mentor, for just over a year. Padraic recognised Alan’s drive and talent when he was on his course placement and has taken him to the Dylan hotel to work with him.

“Realistically speaking, it would be a lot easier to get through the Failte Ireland setup, as just for making the initial contact. A lot of kitchens now as well, if someone where to go in with no experience off the bat and look for a job, chances are that wouldn’t really be made available to them. But with the backing of going to a college, and with the lecturers knowing the various chefs, hotels and restaurants as well, it gives you an opportunity to get in at ground level. Over the course of 2 years, it can give you a good starting point to move your career forward. After that it depends entirely on what you want to do, what line you want to go down” Padriac Hayden, Head Chef,


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