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David - Executive Chef

David Kehoe is the Executive Chef at the Tower Hotel in Dublin. Having always wanted to be a chef, he is now is his dream job. 

Video Synopsis:

“My name is David Kehoe, I am the executive head chef in the Tower Hotel in Dublin. The reason I became a chef was when I was six years old I was watching a TV show in the morning and they were doing some cooking and I was going to replicate what they had done. I had a passion from day one.

When it comes to education, I went all the way. I did my leaving cert and then I went on to Athlone RTC, now Athlone IT, and completed my 2 year full time chef course there  which is certified with Failte Ireland. One thing about being a chef, once you get into that kitchen, listen and learn.

A typical day of being a chef with me is waking up in the morning and can’t wait to get into my kitchen. I am the link between the customer and the chefs in the kitchen, I’ve got to tell them what to do. After that its full swing into prep for that evening. When it comes to money and being a chef, you have got to take your time, you need to spend your first couple of years training. It’s about the training, not about the money. Being a chef and having a social life is really one of things you have to balance. It’s like a good recipe – if you put the right things in you get the right things out. I have had to balance my life all throughout my career. I always wanted to be a chef, and I sacrificed my social life, and at the end of the day I am happier, I cook great food, I’m a great chef,  you get your just rewards.

What do you need to be a chef? – you need nothing, you just need to be yourself. When you start your training you are a blank canvass, let us paint the picture for you,  we will teach you everything you need to know. My dream job, I’m in it. I’m a chef, I have always dreamt about it, I am living it, and I’m living the dream. My favourite movie is the Godfather because I am the godfather of this kitchen.  My favourite piece of music is when I hear that machine go click, click, click with the orders going through at the start of the night.

Being a chef is one of the greatest things you can do. Taking raw ingredients, cooking them, to the final stage which is onto the plate and out to the customer – you will never experience anything like that. The rush that comes through your body is second to none, it’s fantastic".


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