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Liam Doyle - General Manager, Shelbourne Hotel

Liam Doyle | Hotel  Manager 1min 47

Liam did the three year, work-based learning course Trainee Manger Development Programme and from there has had a varied career in some of the most famous hotels in Ireland and abroad. He is now the General Manager of the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin.

Video synopsis: 

“My name is Liam Doyle, General Manager of the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin. Today we are sitting in the historical No.27 bar and we are here to talk about my role and responsibility, including what a Hospitality Manager would have to do in a bar such as this. There are many opportunities for advancement in the hotel industry. In our company there are over 3000 hotels and 75% of our general managers start in non-management roles. You can be a good General Manager or a great General Manager. The longer you take to get there the better you will be. I started in the hotel industry over 20 years ago, as a trainee manager at the Seven Oaks Hotel in Carlow. I started at the very bottom chopping vegetables in the kitchen, moving on to become an Assistant Director of Food and Beverages. My first role as Assistant Director of Food and Beverages was the Hilton Hotel in New York for 2 years. For the following 5 years I worked in the Ritz Carlton in various roles, before returning for the last 3 years to restore the Shelbourne Hotel as the General Manager.

So my advice to you if you want to be successful in this industry, its all about dedication, hard work, being curious about every role that you have. If you are interested in investing your time and energy, everyone can become a General Manager"


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