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Students Talk

This is the section of the website where students talk about the college course they're doing, or recently finished -  so you get a true reflection of what the various travel, tourism and hospitality courses are like.

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Accommodation, Rooms and Reception/Front office sector...

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Culinary and Cookery
Find out what it like to work in a busy kitchen...

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View a selection of Student Profiles working in Events and Events management

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Leisure and Tourism Activities
Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Leisure Centres and Spa

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Transport and Travel
Trains, planes, buses and coaches,tavel agents and tour guides behind the scenes.

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Tourism Services
View a selection of Student Profiles relating to the Tourism Services sector...

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Hotel Management
Meet those working as Hotel and duty Managers

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Food Service, Hospitality and Bar
Restaurants,Bars, Cafes, Weddings, banquets, Party nights.


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