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Higher Certificate in Arts-Culinary Arts-Limerick I.T

Claire Bryan
Limerick Institute of Technology
Culinary Arts
Higher Certificate in Arts - Culinary Arts


Claire is working in Arts Bar, Thurles and hopes to open her own restaurant in a few years time.

Full Details:

Why did you choose to do your course?

I was working in a Restaurant while studying a Business course in U.L.  I felt the Business course wasn’t for me, another guy was working with me in the kitchen and he recommended this course.


What was the best part of your course?

Probably dinner nights, sourcing the menu, cost everything, buying the ingredients and serving.


What did you like least?

Work load, hard work on a lot of projects and stuff.


Did any of the subjects you studied for your Leaving Cert help with your course?

Accounting – for food costing, it also helped with the business side, I didn’t do home economics, but accounting helped.


What interests or skills do you think are needed for this course?

Home Economics is a big help, nutrition and food safety very hard to pick up, you need to be very organised, go to college every day, get a job close to home.


What do you see yourself moving onto now?

I have worked in Adare Manor, I am now working in Arts Bar in Thurles and hope to open my own place in a few years time.


Would you recommend this course to others and why?

Yes definitely, very practical, not all down to study, lecturers were very good at what they did, made it easier to learn.


What advice would you give somebody considering taking your course?

To go in with an open mind, need to have a knowledge of kitchen work, need experience, need to have a big interest in it as it’s hard work.


What subjects did you study as part of your course?

Business, nutrition, food safety, communications, computers, modules with theory and cooking over the two years. 


How useful are they in the real world?

I suppose yes, business and food safety, how to cook, computers, always going to use a computer.  French – to read menus helpful.