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Elizabeth McKenzie - LYIT Culinary Arts

Elizabeth McKenzie
Letterkenny Institute of Technology - Killybegs
Culinary Arts
Food & Drink


Elizabeth McKenzie is a recent graduate of Culinary Arts in Letterkenny Institute of Technology - Killybegs. Here she discusses her experiences in Culinary Arts and her hopes for the future.

Full Details:

Why did you choose to do your course?
”When I was fourteen I got a job washing dishes in a restaurant. That was my first experience in the industry. I enjoyed the work and thought I would enjoy studying about it."

What was the best part about your course?
“It’s practical experience, not just all theory. You’re doing all the stuff you would be doing in the real world.”

What’s the vibe like on campus?
“It’s great. The college is very small so you get to know everybody and everyone really got along with each other.”

What interests or skills do you need to enjoy this course?
“You have to be interested in the industry and cooking in particular. You need to have a cool head and to be patient. You also need to be able to deal with pressure well”.

Are there a large variety of jobs you can work in when you qualify from this course?
“Yeah there are a lot of areas and places in the world you can end up working. For example I got a work placement as a chef in America”.

Where do you aspire to end up working?
“I’m doing my masters at the moment but some day I would like to own my own restaurant”.

What kind or personality do you need to enjoy this work?
“You need people skills and commitment. You really need to be committed to the work to get the most out of it”.

What advice would you get considering working in your area?
“My advice would be to start early. Go out and work in a kitchen and find out do you enjoy this kind of work. It’s all about working and coping under pressure.”

What is the best thing about your job – what are the main perks?
“You can travel. You can go where ever you want. I’ve done it and I intend to keep doing it. While the food may not be exactly the same everywhere, the basics of food are exactly the same all over the world which means you can work anywhere”.


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