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Culinary Arts - Tallaght I.T.

Teresa Keys
Tallaght Institute of Technology
Higher Certificate in Arts - Culinary Arts


Teresa Keyes is now a qualified Chef from Tallaght I.T.and is working part-time in Trax Brasserie, Naas, doing what she loves Pastry & Deserts!

Full Details:

Why did you choose this course?

I wanted to be involved in food and cookery side of things since the age of 15.

What did your course entail?

It covered exploring cooking, from how to boil an egg, to devising a menu, cooking it and putting it out! Personal development, costing, computers, which I really enjoyed.

What did you like most about this course?


What did you like least?

Personal development – mundane class, lecturers ok! (for this particular part)

How did you find college life?

I loved college, there were 13 in the class, chef course was outside the realm.

Being in the kitchen, working in a restaurant at night very different.

Now that you are finished the course, what are your future plans?

Working part-time in Trax Brasserie, Naas, doing pastry and deserts from  scratch. I would like to do a Pastry course.

Where are you working now?  Tell me about your job, what is it like?

Trax Brasserie 5 days a week, love doing pastry and making deserts from scratch!  Favourite desert to make is crème brulee.

What subjects did you study as part of your course?

Personal development, exploring cookery, Mediterranean cooking  and global courses, learning events, healthy options, pastry and larder.

How useful are they in the real world?

Very much so, budgeting, though fish was only done once and you had to learn from the beginning again for this.

Would you recommend this course to others and why?

Highly recommend, Yes, enjoyed the course, lecturers were great and very supportive.


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