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Victoria Boughton

Victoria Boughton
Tourism College Killybegs
Professional Cookery; Culinary Arts


Victoria Boughton is a Professional Cookery graduate and is now working in McNean's Bistro in Blacklion. Here she discusses her experiences in the tourism industry to date.

Full Details:

Why did you choose to do your course?
“I had been working as a chef for six years and I decided that, to progress in my job, I needed to do earn these qualifications.”

What was the best part of your course?
“I thought it was all good. It was great to lean more from the industry i was working in and to pick up little details I didn’t know. I also really enjoyed interacting with the other students.”

What was the best part of college life?
“I thought the way the syllabus was laid out made the course very useful and enjoyable.”

Would you recommend working in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry? What’s the best thing about it?
“I would recommend working in the tourism industry because there are lots of jobs out there for qualified chefs. Once you get your qualification you can travel anywhere in the world and work as a chef”.

What do you think your next role will be? Where do you see yourself in the future?
"I would like to end up lecturing either in the UK or USA."

How did you get started working in your industry?
"Two of my uncles were involved in the industry. One was a chef and the other was a pastry chef. So I got an interest that way. I suppose it has always been in the family."

What do you enjoy about your work?
“You always learn new things every day. New recipes, new ways of cooking. There is always something new to do.”

What kind of personality do you need to enjoy this work?
“You need to be dedicated and you need to be very focused. If you are going to enjoy the work you also need a passion for and a love of all types of food.”

What advice would you give somebody thinking about working in your area?
“If you have the passion for and love of food, I would advise them to do a course. But you need to be committed. People think it’s glamorous and it’s just an easy job, but it’s not. It can be quite stressful and you would need to have your wits about you.”


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