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Laura Kavanagh Diploma in Travel & Tourism

Laura Kavanagh
Coláiste Ide
Diploma in Travel & Tourism (IATA/UFTAA)
Tourism Services


Laura wasn’t sure if she wanted to go into full time education when she left school, so she decided to do a one year PLC, a diploma in Travel and Tourism, so she could get a taster for third level. Now she has a job in the Dublin Tourism’s Finance Department.

Full Details:

I found the idea of tourism interesting and wanted to learn more about the industry. I only found out how many different areas of the industry that you could go into when I started my research, so when I was choosing the course I had no idea the supply of jobs that were available. The job satisfaction was a major part in my decision.  I like seeing how the outcome of your work can help people decide where they want to go whether it’s by marketing the destinations or being face to face and making a good impression with the customer. And the fact that tourism is a world wide industry; you could travel the world and see the different areas on a daily basis. That’s a nice idea when studying for a tourism qualification - knowing that it’s not a dead end subject.

I found out about the course in Coláiste Ide through an open day that was advertised in my secondary school. The different modules that the course offered had a great variety, it sounded like it could be challenging and interesting. I chose to do the course here because I was unsure whether I wanted to go into full time education so soon after finishing my Leaving Cert. This was a one year course with the option of continuing on into DIT and other colleges. So even if I did want to continue on it wasn’t a year wasted. I didn’t know anyone going on this PLC course, it wasn’t very easy to get to and there was another PLC college running a similar course, but not as good the one I had seen. The one negative thing I would say was that the college itself was small and was not like other 3rd level colleges and therefore it didn’t have the same range of facilities as the bigger college’s had.

Within Dublin Tourism there is great opportunity to learn new things in different areas within the company, and that gives me a great challenge each day.  I came to do my work placement from college one day a week, and was asked to stay on as part time staff. I definitely think I will stay on in tourism, you meet so many different personalities and as I mentioned before, the industry is constantly growing and changing. I definitely would recommend the tourism industry, especially if they have a natural interest in the industry. The course helped me get my current job. I wouldn’t have found out about Dublin Tourism if my lecture hadn’t mentioned it as an option for work placement. I didn’t have an interest in the travel agents side of the industry which was where most of the class wanted to go into. The variety of work and people that you meet really makes a difference from the other jobs that are out there.
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