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Ruth Kelly Tourism & Travel

Ruth Kelly
Marino College of Further Education
Tourism and Travel
Transport/Travel Trade


Ruth decided to do the Tourism and Travel course straight after doing her leaving cert and will graduate in June 2009.

Full Details:

“I chose my course in Tourism and Travel  in Marino College of Further Education because I love being with people and travel and I’m interested in other countries.

 The subjects we do are ones like Galileo, airline studies, communications. We also do unpaid work experience on a Thursday. I think airline studies is a really useful subject if you want to work as a travel agent or the airport and it’s the most interesting. Galileo is so hard - you have to be very dedicated.

There are 42 students in my year altogether. There are two classes, so there are 22 in our class, about half and half boys and girls.

We have loads of assignments. We’re going to Liverpool as an assignment – we have to research and plan a package holiday for people in a day there. We also did an assignment where we went to four different shops and had to observe and write about what we thought about the customer service – if people were being greeted warmly, etc.

After my course I’d like to start off working in a travel agent, then I’d like to continue with my study, maybe in DIT. I’d definitely like to travel afterwards.”

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