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The Rooms Division



If you like working in a team, are attentive to detail and have the initiative to think of ways to continually raise standards, you might find the Rooms Division a rewarding area.

Within the Rooms Division of a hotel, cruise ship or venue, ‘front of house staff’ are the people who deal with guests face to face (through reception and reservations) and ‘accommodation staff’ are responsible for keeping the bedrooms and public areas clean and perfectly maintained, as well as running the laundry.

They are often the first people to greet guests in the morning, so first impressions are very important. Accommodation staff should be friendly and knowledgeable about the facilities in the hotel and surrounding areas.

This section will tell you the day-to-day work of people in the Accommodation area and the typical career path. 

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The Workplace:

Where you would be working could range from cosy guesthouses to hotel chains like Jurys Inn or Maldron Hotels, to gigantic cruise ships with thousands of staff. Arguably the jobs biggest perk is its variety. Usually working within quite a large team, you’ll be applying your skills throughout the venue, making sure all areas are looking their best.

The Career Path:

Many people start out in the tourism industry with a part-time job as an accommodation assistant or housekeeper. It’s a good way to gain an understanding of the very crux of how a hotel operates. An accommodation assistant is essentially responsible for the quality of the ‘product’, by ensuring that guest bedrooms, corridors and public areas are cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.

An accommodation supervisor looks after all of the above while also training and overseeing the assistants. To do this job you’ll need to be experienced, enthusiastic and proactive. To enjoy this role you’ll need to be good at identifying and quickly resolving problems or issues.

The accommodation manager is ultimately responsible for pulling all the strings and making sure the hotel runs smoothly. Often the accommodation manager will have a large team of staff working for them, so they need to be very good at, and enjoy planning and people management. You’ll have to be driven and determined in this role to ensure that cleanliness, health and hygiene standards are constantly met.

Accommodation Assistant
€ 17,500-22,500
Accommodation Supervisor
Accommodation Manager

How to Get Started:

One of the great things about being an accommodation assistant is that training is generally on the job and the hours can be flexible according to your circumstances.
But if your aim is to climb the ladder to supervisor and manager level, formal training is a big advantage. Here are some of the options:

A one-year course: there are post-leaving cert (PLC) courses such as  Tourism and Event Management available in Colleges of Further Education throughout the country (direct application).

A two-year course: Colleges of Further Education and Institutes of Technology offer two year programmes in Hotel & Catering and in Tourism & Hospitality, which would give a good grounding. An example of a course that you can do is Hotel and Catering in Crumlin College of Further Education.

 A degree course: the Institutes of Technology offer a lot of degree programmes that would help you to get where you want to go. Suitable courses would be: Hospitality Management, Hotel and Catering Management, Tourism Management and others.


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